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About us.

Spring is here


Food is a human right. Spring Community Hub exists to make sure no one in our community goes hungry. But we don’t just provide food, we work alongside people to help them escape food poverty, build confidence and find community.


We run food bank sessions five days a week, providing healthy, fresh and exciting food parcels to people as long as they need them.


As we get to know people we find out how else we can help. We get people the right expertise to solve problems around benefits, immigration and housing. We run skills-sharing sessions that boost self-esteem. And we run one-to-one sessions to support people back to work.


To keep bellies full and minds inspired, we run holiday clubs for children providing lunch for the whole family, endless activities and new experiences away from London.


Our community is made up of the people who come to us and the staff, volunteers and supporters who make our work possible.


Together we create a warm welcoming safe place where everyone is made to feel at home and can find friends. Wherever they come from, whatever their race, religion, sexuality, identity or immigration status. 


A spring forward

In the next year we will help feed more people by opening food pantries in Southwark and further afield. We will begin a gardening club and be finding new ways to fundraise and build our team of volunteers.


As we move beyond Southwark we decided we needed a new name. Having talked to the people who we support, our volunteers and staff, we chose Spring Community Hub.


We are Spring Community Hub.

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